* Source fabric and send it to us.  This could be fabric from purchased from a store, clean and in good condition duvets covers, curtains, sheets etc.  As these are going to children, the brighter & happier, the better.

*  Make capes for us - templates can be downloaded here - our only ask is that you use velcro on the neck straps.  A tutorial on how to make a cape can be found here.

*  Organise a sewing day/morning/evening.  We can help you spead the word of your event and we can help you source fabric.

*  Donate so we can purchase fabric, cotton and threads for our capes and post them to our little heroes.  On average it costs £20 to make a cape from start to finish.  You can donated by clicking the button below.

Support Us

* Donate via our GoFundMe page:  http://www.gofundme.com/Fabric-for-Capes