Toys4Refugees, Lebanon


The aim of the charity Toys4Refugees is to create an environment where children are allowed to be children once more. For many of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the children are the main earners of the family. With the experiences they have gone through, and the responsibility of the role they play - they have been forced to grow up almost overnight.

The capes were delivered to House of House, which shares this vision that it is crucial to protect children from being forced into adulthood. They take in children that have been forced to work on the streets and work with their parents to find alternative solutions. For those with nowhere else to go they provide a new home for them permanently.  Some of the children are as young as 4 and had been put on a 3 hour bus journey to the capital by their parents and told to come back when they had earned some money. 

The house is a very happy environment, with toys and paintings and a sense of community. The capes were loved by the children and an afternoon was spent playing superheroes.

You can read more about what Toys4Refugees do here.