We were contacted by Andrea, who is part of the behavioural team at Valley Road Primary School and after chatting with her I knew the little heroes she works with were definitely in need of some capes.

Here is what Andrea had to say:

Hi Claudia,

Just wanted to let you know how fabulous the capes were and how much the children loved them (some of the children are sleeping with them and refuse to take them off)!

The children are all either excluded from school or are at risk of exclusions due to extreme behaviours (lots are in the care system so unfortunately I have had to send photos of the backs of heads only) - they have attended a forest school once a week as part of an alternative education programme.

The capes were found in the forest on the last session along with your letter. The children were told that the superheroes had been watching them and how kind they were and so they were now to be made superheroes.

The children were absolutely thrilled - they couldn't believe that they were actually allowed to keep them and had to be reassured that the capes belonged to them. Suddenly, the children were running that little bit faster, playing tug-o-war with each-other as they now had 'super strength', there were no arguments over hide and seek as they didn't mind being the 'seeker' as they could now 'see through trees'. One child said the cape couldn't be his as 'he was naughty' however, he was told that he may have made the wrong choices, but if he wore the cape then it would help him to make the right choice!

One child was thrilled with a robot cape as the superheroes must know that he is good at fixing and making things.

The biggest, toughest, most streetwise children were running around, happy and laughing - it has been reported that they have taken the capes with them as they go back into their mainstream schools.

I honestly couldn't have hoped for a better reaction - thank you so much again.

We think that the work you do is fabulous - we often do fundraising days with our parent group and will happily raise funds for you or help in any way we can.

I Am Super capes